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Titanic Memories

Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic So a friend of mine is getting ready to head over to England for the 100th Anniversary Titanic Memorial Cruise!   I am naturally extremely jealous . . . but the fact that I am terrified of open water, and extremely superstitious are enough to keep me on dry land and live this event vicariously through her.  I had the opportunity to help "throw together" a few historical pieces for a friend of hers who is also going over for the cruise.   The window was something like, "Can you put SOMEthing together in less than three weeks?"  (Which if you knew these wonderfully creative, last-minute, women, you would not be surprised at the time frame.)   I jumped at the chance because I just LOVE this era, and I always have more fun sewing for others than for myself. So in a few short days I got to make up a simple linen/cotton day dress (made out of very similar fabric to this classic "Boarding Suit" of the movie Titan
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Sewing Itch

Spring is in the air! And the sewing itch is starting to creep under my skin. Last night my little boy and I stayed up late sewing. I was cutting out a new Civil War Era suit for him (will post pictures later) and he was designing, cutting out and hand sewing a pheasant! (R is 7 years old and extremely artistic. He wanted to "start with an animal THEN make a set of clothes."). I also took on a couple 1912 Era dresses for a friend going to a Centennial Titanic cruise! Did I mention they leave in four weeks?! Can't wait to post more. Stay tuned!

Naughty Nellies - Not so Much

Just a sneak peek right now.  Had an amazing photoshoot with the talented Claudia Garner last weekend.  We were making Naughty Nellies ("clean" ones - no nudity here thank you very much) for a fundraiser for my friend Amy Beechler's ball up in Buffalo NY this coming weekend.  I have to admit I was a little hesitant at the idea at first.  But it was so much fun and the pictures came out beautifully!  I'm going to post a few here, but there will be more to come.  

Little Orphan Annie - Take Two

As promised, here is the most recent creation of the Little Orphan Annie costume.  I am waiting for pictures from the customer of her granddaughter wearing it.  Can't wait to see it on the real live little girl.  :) If you're curious, I used a 1970s pattern to recreate the dress.  It is an A-line dress with no waist (more comfortable for little girls) with the addition of the white belt.  This allows the little girl to wear the belt at the natural waistline or lower for a low-waisted look.  Just add white bobby socks and black Mary-Janes and you've got the look!

Remembering Gettysburg - November 2009

 Micky (1-1/2), Me, Renton (6), Emily (4-1/2)  I will always remember this day fondly. The weather was perfect, the kids were agreeable.  We even managed to get an authentic tin-type done of us.   It looks real because it was an authentic  camera and authentic processing. We all had to sit absolutely still for 16 seconds.  That's one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand . . . I am still in awe today that they all cooperated. Was a miracle! Small movement at the end by Micky made him a little blurry, but all in all, it was a success. Of course, there are little things I don't like about the picture.  Emily's hair, for example.  She refused to let me pull her bangs back and looks more like a late-Victorian boy than a mid-Victorian girl.  But I just LOVE her expression!  She was having a great time and was not upset, but it's such a classic little Victorian girl expression, it makes me laugh whenever I look at it.  I also don't like my arm

Ahhhh - Dracula!

Just in time for Halloween . . . stumbled across these old reviews of a production I costumed back in 2009! "The production delivered in every way – incredible costumes, lighting, music, and fight choreography, as well as fine acting. The set, costumes, and properties, designed by Anastasia Ryurikov Simes, created an appropriately spooky atmosphere. A gigantic metallic spider arched above the stage, framing everything within its spindly, notched legs. Dracula’s wives dressed in vivid red gowns that exposed their cleavage. They emerged suddenly from the seams of Dracula’s cape like drops of energized blood. Their arms wildly moving resembled the flames of Hell." -   Dracula The Washington Post Washington CityPaper DC Theater Scene DCist MetroWeekly Potomac Stages WeLoveDC Fairfax Times

My Little Orphan Annie . . .

 Emily Ann as Little Orphan Annie Emily showing off her "Annie Attitude" Amazing how time flies!  I recently received a few requests to make Little Orphan Annie costumes for Halloween based off the pictures of my Emily on my website. It feels like just yesterday I was making that Annie costume for Emily.  Now when I look at the pictures she seems like a totally different little girl.  The same spunk and fire!  But more grown-up.  Hard to beleive she was ever this little - but she made the PERFECT  Little Orphan Annie!  It's going to be fun to see the costume on some new little girls - can't wait for Halloween!